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  1. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning Vanilla Fudge - Some velvet morning Primal Scream, Kate Moss - Some Velvet Morning
  2. Bootlegs

    Estimados aquí hay bootleg, algunos sacados de transmisiones FM, de la consola de sonido o del publico, en formatos lossy y lossless, hay harto para bajar. https://www.guitars101.com/
  3. Fleetwood Mac (1968) - cuando tocaban blues en sus inicios con Peter Green
  4. Que les parece? https://www.ebay.com/itm/6J1-Vacuum-Tube-Pre-Amplifier-Stereo-Preamp-USB-DAC-HiFi-Lossless-Music-Player/132316644486?hash=item1eceafc486%3Am%3Amr16oBPE2LHQpE0GK2I9yQQ&var=431641284802 Specifications: Input voltage: DC12V Dimensions: 14*10*2.5 (CM) Keys on the device: ST -- stanby S – input switch Previous/Next Pause/Play Keys on the remote controller: AUX – analog signal input USB – U-disk input (FAT32 format; maximum support 32GB) MODE – sound source switch RPT – order/repeat once switch EQ – gain on/off switch Supported formats: Lossy compression format MP3 (MPEG1/2/2.5Layer1/2/3) Lossy compression format WMA (WMA 7.0/8.0/9.0) Lossless compression format APE 3.95 or higher version (C1000-C3000) Lossless compression format FLAC WAV (IMA ADPCM,INTEL ADPCM,PCM) CUE (ansi format) Unsupported formats: "Extra Higf" APE over 4608kpbs WAV DTS APE/WAV AAC/OGG/MPC Package includes: ZHILAI D5 X1 Remote controller X1 Power supply X1 6J1 tubes X2
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  6. Busco borrador de cintas

    Yo tengo uno, pero tienes lleno el buzón y no llegan los MP
  7. Vinilos "El Mercurio"

    Esta buena la selección y que tal se escucha?
  8. Para los amantes de los cassettes

    La ultima fabrica de cassette
  9. Busco borrador de cintas

    Tego este, te interesa? Te mande en MP pero al parecer tienes la lleno el inbox
  10. Para los amantes de los cassettes

    Yo tengo esta
  11. Para los amantes de los cassettes

    Toshiba tape player promises high-res audio from cassettes By Joe Cox 2018-03-26T12:53:10ZNews Back in 2016 we ran an April Fools news story on HD Cassette. High-res audio support and unchewable tape were just two of the features promised in our spoof story. But of course truth is often stranger than fiction, and it seems high-res audio cassette tapes are now a reality. Toshiba has announced a CD radio cassette player that promises to deliver high-res sound from a tape, reports The Japan News. The player contains a "mechanism" that claims to improve "the quality of music data on a cassette tape". Supposedly this will ensure the player's performance matches that of a high-resolution audio source. Interestingly, the picture shows the Aurex brand, which was an audio-focused subsidiary brand of Toshiba in the 1970s (think Technics to Panasonic). Sceptical? Us too. But the appearance of the hi-res audio logo on the deck in the picture suggests a level of legitimacy. This logo - originally launched by Sony and then passed on to the wider audio industry - should mean the product meets the standards agreed by the Japan Audio Society and the Recording Industry of Association of America (RIAA). The standards in question? A microphone response performance of 40 kHz and above; able to record, decode and play 96kHz/24bit formats; amplification performance of 40kHz and above. But it is still just a sticker... That said, there's no reason cassette tapes couldn't be made to deliver high-res audio with the right equipment at the production end, we just imagine they'd need quite a bit of tape - and maybe different tape - to support hi-res tracks of any length. As far as we're aware, there are no such 'hi-res tapes' already in existence. The article says Toshiba Lifestyle Electronics Trading, a subsidiary of Toshiba, plans to promote this new product with cassette tapes featuring singer Tomoyo Harada (big in Japan). This suggests the company may genuinely have produced high-res audio cassettes for this machine. And it's not just for show. The new player has a price tag of ¥29,000, a little under £200, and is said to be hitting stores soon. But is it really hi-res audio from a tape? Does anybody even want hi-res audio tapes? Will you ever be able to listen to anything other than Tomoyo Harada? We're really not sure, having so far failed to find out any more information on this product. Regardless, we can't help thinking you're probably better off investing in more established hi-res audio hardware and software...
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  13. Disco

    Se van, son todos de época (1° edición y americanos) y otros que publicare más tarde Exile on Main Street $20.000 (2 LP) Woodstock $30.000 (3 LP) Grand Funk - Hits $15.000
  14. Para los amantes de los cassettes

    Interesante pagina sobre grabaciones en cassettes http://walkman-archive.com/gadgets/index.html