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Amps y CD players Exposure 1010 rebajados a $499.800 cada uno

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Estimados foreros,

Les contamos que este mes los amplificadores y CD players Exposure 1010 se encuentran en oferta. 

Precio Normal Amp o CDP Exposure 1010: $599.760 cada uno

Precio oferta: $499.800

hWEhDB7.png Comprar Exposure 1010 amp en Allegro HiFi

BVy3GjY.png Comprar Exposure 1010 CD player en Allegro HiFi


  • Oferta válida hasta el 31 de mayo o hasta agotar stock
  • Medios de pago: cash, transferencia, tarjeta de débito o crédito hasta 6 cuotas sin interés
  • Colores disponibles: Silver y Black
  • No se acumulan puntos a forero por estas compras

Estos componentes destacan por su sonido líquido en medios, suave en agudos, con un grave preciso y muy buena transparencia en general. 

Resultado de imagen para exposure 1010 amp black


Algunas reviews de revistas británicas

HiFi Choice (5 estrellas - Recommended)

This Exposure combination achieves a rare balance between accuracy and soul.

The Exposure combo comes across as having brilliant timing and infectious rhythm, especially around the lower registers. Yet this pair also possesses a true lightness of touch, a smooth, informative mid band coupled with an airy treble [...]

[...] the 1010 amp is a bargain. [...] the amplifier has a real flair for relaying the emotion of music. Great timing is preserved and its wonderful midband helps you get all the pivotal information and intonation around voices and instruments. Bass has weight and attack, yet also warmth and agility.

HiFi World (5 "Mundos")

The Exposure is an efficient machine that digs deep into the mix. In this case, it managed to bring a large basket of new sonic elements which were largely invisible via the Rotel. 

The piano managed to convey much of this instrument’s complexity while the treble offered a lightness of touch. Upper mids, in general terms, were informative and ‘undigital’ in their presentation. There was none of the expected coldness or hardness of this price range [...]

[...] the CD player and amp prioritise the most important aspects of musical production, committing resources where they are needed most: the retrieval of detail while offering a toe-tappingly enjoyable performance. [...]. These are lean and mean products that provide the ultimate in value for money.


The Exposure 1010 CD player turned in a neat measured performance and has no major weaknesses. NK

The Exposure 1010 amplifier produced 55 Watts into an 8 Ohm load, rising to 90 Watts into 4 Ohms. [...] The 1010 is neatly engineered with no weaknesses. It produces plenty of power and will have a smooth sound, measurement suggests. NK


Si tienen alguna consulta o quieren agendar una audición, no duden en escribirnos a o llamarnos al teléfono (2) 2321 21 86

Saludos cordiales,

Allegro HiFi




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