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  1. Lo único no más que podrían haber incluído algo como bluetooth o conexión USB con DAC incorporado. Pero me parece que va dirigido 100% a lo retro Me encantaron los VU Meters dentro del diseño. Que ganas de que vuelvan esos diseños hermosos, y no sólo en marcas High end como Luxman o Accuphase McIntosh ha puesto VU Meters en sus equipos desde hace un tiempo, pero a diferencia de los Japos, se ven como desconexos, como que no fueran parte del equipo, por así decirlo.
  2. https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s3200/index.html
  3. Hermoso! Por fin más marcas volviendo a los diseños de los 60s y 70s, la época de oro en cuanto a imagen del hi fi
  4. A message from Pat Metheny; To all our friends in Chile, Greetings from New York City. We arrived in South America from New Zealand just a few short weeks ago, so excited to play for all of you. Finally I was headed back to Chile after all these years! The plan was, after a few concerts in Argentina and Brazil, I would finally be able to head back to Chile to present this very special band in this unique format, reconstructing many of the older tunes in new ways, with new surprises included as well. After several decades of trying, the chance to return to Chile was finally here. And then of course, the magnitude of what we all face now became apparent, and our show, like everything else was postponed. I am sure many of you were disappointed, but maybe not as much as I was. The good news is that we have been able to reschedule our concerts there, far enough in advance that we can be sure that we will face a different and safer world at that time. This particular show is one that I have saved for you all in Chile, and Antonio Sanchez, Gwilym Simcock and Linda May Han Oh are all booked to return with me, so we will be able to do the full “Evening with....” concert as originally planned for you. Until then, please stay safe! We will see you on April 16 & 17, 2021 at the Teatro Caupolican. I can’t wait to come back and play for you all once again!
  5. https://zopp.bandcamp.com/album/zopp-2
  6. ¿Se acuerdan de una boy band que tenían un reality? se llamaban O Town Duraron nada! Creo que después volvieron y sacaron un par de discos más Ahí al lado del auto está un tanque de oxígeno que dice O2, que era el nombre del segundo álbum de la banda
  7. Creo que se pueden interpretar también como The Cure y Poison
  8. NEW VINYL! Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry: The heavy metal masterpiece that helped shoot the New York band into the stratosphere. Hear Mobile Fidelity's new cut with all the Marshall-stack distortion intact, yet with no extraneous distortion getting between you and the music. Available now: https://www.mofi.com/product-p/mfsl1-492.htm
  9. En el calendario veo 2 Happy Mondays, que bien dijo @Mr_oD y The Hollies
  10. Creo que la escultura de la izquierda son Jesus and Mary Chain, y abajo Stone Roses