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  1. Por si no sabían amigos, los Police están restaurando sus videos en 4K HD, y les están quedando de miedo Hoy subieron Roxanne
  2. Sí, dentro de los contenidos, está el Blu Ray completo del DSOT, además de 2CD incluyendo el concierto íntegro. Debido al altísimo precio del box set, esperamos todos que salga por separado, además del Blu Ray del Pulse también Aquí está el contenido completo del Box Set https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Later_Years_1987–2019
  3. Run Like Hell (from the 2019 Remix of Delicate Sound of Thunder) has just been made available as the fourth Instant Grat from Pink Floyd's forthcoming Box Set The Later Years. Produced by Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour, this was remixed by Andy Jackson with David Gilmour, assisted by Damon Iddins. The Later Years, compiled into 5 x CDs, 6 x Blu-rays and 5 x DVDs, plus 2 x 7” singles, will be packaged into a lavish box also containing a 60 page photo book, a lyric book, replica tour programmes and memorabilia.
  4. Recién salido del horno El nuevo edit, remix y remaster de 'Run Like Hell', del Delicate Sound of Thunder. Parte del 'Later Years' box set
  5. Pat Metheny's new album, 'From This Place,' is due February 21. The record features ten compositions by Metheny, who is joined by drummer Antonio Sánchez, bassist Linda May Han Oh, and pianist Gwilym Simcock, plus the Hollywood Studio Symphony led by Joel McNeely and special guests Meshell Ndegeocello, Grégoire Maret, and Luis Conte. Pre-order in the Pat Metheny Store to download the track “America Undefined” now and get a limited-edition print signed by Pat. https://stores.portmerch.com/patmetheny/pre-order-from-this-place.html?fbclid=IwAR3bAbgEBJkoWMNd6QehG9BvxcRhaKfu4II-kHaVNkUlyoJdVsT0RCHuKpE
  6. Retome sus tiempos de bajista. Nunca es tarde! Aproveche. Un verdadero regalo de navidad anticipado a este precio
  7. Hola amigos! "Pongo a disposición" una serie de exquisitos pedales. Realmente filete de primer corte. TODOS Made in USA, a excepción del Chorus, que es MADE IN JAPAN. Nada water, todo de verdad de primer nivel 1) Deluxe Mona Vintage Wah: Wah exquisito, sonido vintage, con controles de Frecuencia y Q, además de nivel de Buffer. Con dos mini toggles, el izquierdo es on/off para el buffer (a prueba de fuzzes mañosos), y el derecho 3 voces diferentes de wah; clásico, más agudos y más bajos. Se puede usar con batería de 9v (incluida) o conectado a fuente de poder o transformador. Incluye caja y folleto. ¡A sólo 95 mil pesos! 2) Keeley Echoes: El legendario Binson Echorec de David Gilmour en formato pedal, versión Keeley. Básicamente es la sección delay del famoso Keeley Dark Side, aunque más versátil. Tiene dos dipswitches internos, para distintos sonidos. Pedal comprado directamente a Keeley, creo que no hay ningún otro dando vueltas por ahí. Como nuevo, incluye caja, stickers y folleto. ¡A sólo 115 mil pesos! 3) Chorus Maxon PAC9, made in Japan, 100% análogo. Maravilloso sonido tridimensional. Con controles de Speed(velocidad) y Width (intensidad), además de dos toggle switches. Tiene dos tipos de salidas que pueden usarse para distintos sonidos. Incluye caja y folleto originales ¡A sólo 95 mil pesos! Entrega en Viña del Mar, envío a regiones. Cualquier cosa MP o a mi correo. O bien a mi celu 981519403
  8. Hola amigos !!! Pongo a la venta este gran y versátil bajo Ibanez SR 500. Muy cómodo de tocar, liviano, con cápsulas Bartolini (0 ruido). Bajo activo con EQ de 3 bandas que permite una amplia variedad de sonidos. Incluyo un afinador D'addario Clip, una batería de 9v adicional y una funda. ¡A sólo 285 mil pesos! Si ud tiene algún hijo(a), amigo(a), etc o ud mismo que quiera hacerse de un buen bajo por un excelente precio, esta es la oportunidad. Soy de Viña del Mar City Cualquier cosa MP, a mi teléfono 981519403 o a mi correo Aprovechen amigos. En este rango de precio no hay NADA mejor PD: El cuadro de los Beatles no va incluído en la venta
  9. "Recorded for no budget in a Stoke Newington bedroom in 1998 by a down on his luck singer-songwriter and self-released on a kitchen sink label, White Ladder slowly (very, very slowly) found an audience. It took a year to creep into the lower reaches of the British charts, then worked its way all the way up to number one. White Ladder eventually spent 3 years (from May 2000 to March 2003) in the UK top 100, spawning classic hit singles ‘Babylon’, ‘Please Forgive Me’ and ‘Sail Away’. It went on to sell over 7 million copies worldwide. It remains in the top 30 best-selling British albums of all time and the best-selling album ever in Ireland (a nation who know a good song when they hear it).Celebrating its 20th anniversary with an expanded edition, it is interesting to consider the extraordinary aftermath of White Ladder. Its success spawned a new wave of singer-songwriters in an acoustic boom that resonates to this day, a soul-baring lineage that can be directly traced from David Gray to the all-conquering Ed Sheeran. Indeed, Ed is a fan, whose passionate live version of ‘This Year’s Love’ can bring tears to the eye. Fellow world beating British superstar Adele is also an admirer, citing ‘This Year’s Love’ as one of her all-time favourite break-up songs.In the wake of White Ladder, every major record company began signing and developing guitar wielding troubadours. David Gray was followed into the UK charts by Damien Rice, KT Tunstall, Katie Melua, James Blunt, James Morrison, James Bay, Paolo Nutini, and, ultimately, Ed Sheeran and a second wave of guitar boys including George Ezra, Tom Walker, Tom Grennan and Lewis Capaldi. In the US (where White Ladder sold 2 million copies), Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Jazon Mraz were amongst singer-songwriters whose careers received a significant commercial boost. White Ladder was a music industry game changer.And yet White Ladder remains apart from everything that followed. While the record company model involved putting young guitarist-singers into the studio with teams of established pop writers and producers, White Ladder was the work of a lone artist plumbing the depths of his soul.White Ladder was born of difficult circumstances. David Gray had been struggling on the margins for a decade, a lonely figure with an acoustic guitar swimming against the tide of Britpop, grunge, hip hop and electro. With three albums to his name, he found himself advertised third on the bill to beer and a barbecue. “Futility was so thick on the ground it was utterly soul destroying.” He came close to quitting. But instead, he asked himself some difficult questions: “Can you make a better record? Can you write a better song? The decision was to open up and give it everything I’ve got. The open heartedness that White Ladder has at its very core is in direct relation to the sense of bitterness and defensiveness that prevailed upon me. White Ladder is the negative flipped into positive.”He wrote and recorded in a tiny terraced house on Lordship Road in Stoke Newington. He had to record during the day so as not to disturb the neighbours. “The windows were open because it was hot, and you can hear traffic noises very clearly. It’s the ultimate bedroom recording, actually made in my bedroom.” Lacking big studio facilities, David experimented with drum machines and electronic elements, creating a blend of folktronica that has since become a familiar part of the musical landscape, aided by drummer Craig McClune and engineer Iestyn Polson.David released White Ladder in Ireland on his own IHT label in November 1998. “We cobbled it together, got a distributor, pressed 5,000 copies and hoped for the best.” Released in the UK in March 1999, it reached number 69 in the charts. American jam rock superstar Dave Matthews was such a fan he personally licensed the album for his ATO label in the US. Meanwhile East West records, a division of Warner, took the reins, releasing ‘Babylon’ as a single in June 2000.After that, the floodgates opened. ‘Babylon’ became one of the hits of the summer, White Ladder became a multi-million global phenomenon, and David Gray jumped from playing pubs to theatres to arenas in the space of a few frenetic months. “It was nuts. We were just laughing all the time. It was like a slow explosion, with moments of detonation that took it to another level. It was perfect in a way you could never design.”White Ladder has become part of the fabric of the world. “A friend was in the Himalayas and ‘Sail Away’ was playing at base camp. I’ve heard tell of my songs coming out of radios and stereos in the strangest places, from Tel Aviv to Timbuktu. We made the best record we could, and by some miracle it managed to charm its way across the threshold. It didn’t just open the door a crack, it kicked the ****ing thing down. We came straight through. That was astonishing. You can make a great record but it is exceedingly rare that it will go on and become something bigger than itself. It was charged with all kinds of energies, the right thing in the right place at the right time, in this openhearted moment.”White Ladder caught something of the mood at the end of the century and the start of a new one, the comedown from the pomp of the nineties mixed with nervous hope for the future. Gray’s music is both intimate and broad, intensely personal yet capable of speaking to the masses. “I don’t write behind some sort of cloak. I’m the opposite of an enigma, I am just heart on sleeve. I think your strength as a creative person is your vulnerability. If you're not venturing anything you’re nowhere, there has to be something fragile and breakable being handed over. That was White Ladder. It is almost all I can say about it.”Gray has released 11 complex, ambitious, heartfelt albums across his career. Some have been big commercial successes (2002’s A New Day At Midnight and 2005’s Life In Slow Motion were UK chart toppers), others have been more intimate and experimental. “It’s instinctive, you have to go where the music needs to go, otherwise the gleam, the sparkle will fall away.” All offer up songs of the highest quality, performed as if his life depends on them. Gray’s passionate, vocational approach has established an incredibly loyal audience prepared to follow him on every adventure.“I've been happy after the event to get back to writing the music that I felt was in me and following my creative path. I don’t think the records I've made since have been worse or better. I just think what happened with White Ladder involved more than music. It was a sort of heart and soul moment of total surrender for everybody involved, for me and the audience. That was it. It doesn't get any better than that.”Twenty years on, White Ladder remains an album of great depth and startling beauty, a superlative collection of emotional songs capturing a very special moment in time, as raw and immediate as when it was recorded." This expanded, deluxe release features the iconic album newly mastered on 2 pieces of white vinyl plus previously unreleased and rare White Ladder -era B-sides and demos on 2 pieces of black vinyl. It also includes a digital download card for both albums. David Gray has also personally crafted a series of writings about his White Ladder experience, chronicling the people involved, and the stories behind some of the songs and most memorable shows. These writings are featured in a commemorative book alongside rare photography and housed in beautiful packaging that also features the lyrics to timeless hits such as “This Year’s Love,” “Babylon,” and “Sail Away.” “What happened with White Ladder involved more than music. It was a sort of heart and soul moment of total surrender for everybody involved, for me and the audience. That was it. It doesn't get any better than that.” - David Gray Tracklist: LP Disc 1 & 2 Please Forgive Me Babylon My Oh My We’re Not Right Nightblindness Silver Lining White Ladder This Year’s Love Sail Away Say Hello, Wave Goodbye LP Disc 3 & 4 Lights Of London Over My Head Monday Morning Tired Of Me Roots Of Love Walking In Circles Through To Myself Over My Head (demo) What On Earth (demo) Silver Lining (demo) This Year’s Love (demo) Please Forgive Me (demo)
  10. https://www.loudersound.com/news/rick-wakeman-to-release-official-bootleg-series-box-set?fbclid=IwAR33Bzeph3Gb3q4IYWvmUzyjSDVy_OuONT_yberKV2R8oeKgjpbq5MVvaZ0 Rick Wakeman is to release a 10CD box set later this year, capturing his live work recorded between 1974 and 2014. Box Of Boots: Set Of 10 Live CDs: Official Bootleg Series will launch on December 2 and is limited to 1000 copies, with each package containing a signed and numbered certificate. A statement on the release reads: “This is a response to these concerts being heavily bootlegged throughout the years and continuing the trend of Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Pearl Jam, Rick has decided to make stand against the bootleggers and supply official bootlegs. “These have been cleaned up in the studio, packaged in a great way at a fraction of the price saving fans from buying them off the black market.” Find a list of the live shows contained in the box set below. Wakeman is currently on his Grumpy Old Rock Star Tour across North America and will return to the UK in December for his Grumpy Old Christmas Show Tour. Rick Wakeman: Box Of Boots contents Boston, USA, 1974 Live At Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA - October 5, 1974 Osaka, Japan, 1975 Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, Koseinekin Hall, Osaka, Japan - January 21, 1975 Vienna, Austria, 1976 Vienna Ensemble 1976, Live In Vienna, Kurhalle, Oberlaa Preston, UK, 1981 Live at Guildhall Preston - November 16, 1981 Sheffield, UK, 1981 Live at the City Hall Sheffield, UK - November 21, 1981 Daphne Du Maurier Festival, UK, 2001 January 17, 2001 Tokyo, Japan, 2008 Solo performance in Tokyo, 2008 Rick Wakeman and the English Rock Ensemble Cropredy, UK 2010 Live at Cropredy Festival, Oxfordshire, UK, 2010 Tokyo, Japan, 2014 International Forum Hall Tokyo - July 1, 2014 Osaka, Japan, 2014 Sankei Hall - June 30, 2014