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  1. Hello, friend. 

    I've just found Your thread about Leben 300 clone - it is very interesting. 

    I'm from Poland and currently with a few other guys we work on our own Leben CS300 clones. Also - I saw previously the one You bought - congratulations :)

    I'm desperately looking for similar potentiometer knobs You changed in Your Leben clone, but with no luck.

    May I ask You - where have You bought it? And - is it possible to buy it somewhere on-line? Im from Poland by the way :)


    best regards


    1. AlejandroR


      Hello Jacek, I have found the knobs in don-audio. I have bought them on line and they are located in Germany




    2. edek



      This is great! I had to ask someone from Chile to find out that it is so close to me :D

      Thank You very much - I think they will be good - look realy pretty on Your photos. 

      Greetings from Poland!