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Robert de Saint-Loup

Q Acoustics Concept 300: un parlante 5 estrellas!

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Q Acoustics Concept 300


¡El nuevo monitor high-end Q Acoustics Concept 300 sigue obteniendo excelentes críticas de la prensa especializada!




HiFi Choice



"The Concept 300 proves excellent at soundstaging and spacious left to right.[...] Instruments are placed accurately within the recorded acoustic, giving classical music – such as Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, playing Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony – a surprisingly believable and tactile feel. Indeed the Concept 300 makes a surprisingly good fist of this beautiful piece of music, with an enjoyably capacious, out-of-the-box feel. Its particularly open midband is most welcome here, as is its agreeable tonal colour – and it sounds large and commanding on peaks."


Techradar (5 estrellas)


"Q Acoustics has produced something glorious here. Combining iconic style with a transparent, rewarding sonic performance, the Concept 300 don’t sit in judgement of musical taste. They don’t care that I want to listen to One OK Rock. They just offer unconditional listening.

Despite their size, the Concept 300 is also surprisingly interiors-friendly (a trick not to be sniffed at). Much of this is down to that unusual tripod stand. After a while you tend to look straight through it; the speakers almost seem to float.

It’s not often in the world of Hi-Fi you experience something wholly original. The Concept 300 may build on classic sonic principles, but the result is fresh and new. Audition as a matter of urgency."



Trusted Reviews (5 estrellas)


"At every turn, the Concept 300s impress with their willingness, their adaptability and, above all, their fidelity. The “fi” element of “hi-fi” is a sometimes-overlooked virtue, but the Q Acoustics have fidelity in spades."

"These speakers have dynamism, they can unearth even the finest details, they’re unfussy about partnering equipment (within reason) – and they can turn their hand to anything."

"Remarkably for a company that’s taking only its second stab at some properly high-end loudspeakers, Q Acoustics has hit the bullseye. Again."




HiFi World (5 Mundos)






"The sound is unerringly precise, the Concept 300 stays out of the way and lets the music speak for itself. Right away I noted it's a "fast" speaker. The music's leading edge transients and subtle inner details were exceptionally clear, so brass instruments sounded crisp, cymbals shimmered and sparkled, and piano's harmonics sounded just right."



The Ear (5 estrellas)



"The Concept 300 is clearly a ‘quiet’ loudspeaker, it doesn’t join in with its own colorations in the way that many speakers do thanks to the solidity of the cabinet and decoupling in the stand. It is the closest thing I’ve encountered to the sound of no stand because of this, the sound just appears in the air as a result of the isolation and the skinny nature of the stand, essentially there is very little to resonate and reflect the sound underneath the box."

"For now however the Concept 300 is a unique and highly entertaining loudspeaker system that’s well worth its asking price."



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Uta los parlantes lindos!! Son una obra de diseño excepcional. Con esos pedestales se ven la raja. 

No osaría ni probarlos porque están lejos de mi presupuesto, asique sólo los miro de lejos 😪

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