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  1. Queremos celebrar la llegada de los parlantes ROGERS British High Fidelity. Aprovecha precio lanzamiento en de los modelos LS3/5A y LS5/9 ambos Classic SE. Rogers is excited to introduce a Special Edition version of the BBC-licensed LS5/9, the LS5/9 Classic SE. Following on from the Rogers LS3/5A SE, we took the same additions and added them to the LS5/9. The result? A significant uplift in performance with separation, bass, stereo image all improved markedly. Structure and tonality take on new meaning as the LS5/9 SE lays bare every recording. As we did with the LS3/5A SE, we have revisited the crossover for the LS5/9 SE version and upgraded the inductor cores The LS5/9 SE also uses the highest quality dust iron cores as opposed to the cheaper ferrite alternatives. Dust iron cores require different winding parameters and provide a more natural tone, perfectly complementing the Panzaholz baffle's balance. A small selection of Rogers LS5/9 reviews "I sat there rapt, the sound so natural and uncoloured that such matters as cost vanished. The LS5/9 is simply magical." - Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News, May 2021 READ REVIEW Handmade in England, this is the best Rogers LS5/9 we have ever built and arguably the finest LS5/9 available today. Matching Stands Partnering the NEW Rogers Panzaholz stand with the Rogers LS5/9 SE loudspeakers deliver the most natural open bass performance from just about any reflex system, where effortless dynamics and superb lifelike tonality win the day. Instantly Recogisable Rogers SE versions are instantly recognisable with their new Gold badge on the front and new gold label on the rear. These finishing touches confirm the elevated performance worthy of an SE title. Note: Rogers stands sold separately. View fullsize Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE Specifications · System type: Two way bass reflex · Tweeter: Audax 34mm with phase correction · Mid/Bass: Rogers 210 mm polypropylene cone vinyl surround · Crossover: 3KHz 27 precision element 18dB per Octave · Sensitivity: 87dB for 1W at 1M · Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms · Power handling: 100 Watts unclipped · Maximum SPL: 106 dBA typical in room · Cabinet: 9mm Birch plywood hardwood battens · Grille: Black Tygan · Standard Finish: Amazaque, Walnut, Rosewood and Olive · Connections: Stereo pair 4mm banana sockets · Dimensions: 460mm x 275mm x 285mm (HxWxD) · Weight: 12Kg (each speaker) · BBC-licensed + LS Speaker Stands sold separately Custom veneer and RAL finishes available at additional cost. Please speak to your nearest Rogers specialist or contact Rogers to discuss your requirements. Everyone is talking about the Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE speakers. Below are a selection of our favourite reviews, features, videos and mentions. TAS, April 2022 (Issue 326) + View PDF Hi-Fi+, Issue 209 + View PDF review MusicTech, Ear, August 2021 + View review (web link) The Ear, May 2021 Issue + View PDF review Hi-Fi News, May 2021 Issue + View PDF review
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