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Encontramos 3 resultados

  1. volvoipd

    Gold Note PH-1000 Preamp

    Disponibles en Chile 2 unidades de este tope de línea ( Es el modelo con preamplificador de línea). Valor de lista: $13.500.000.- Precio lanzamiento 40% descuento: $8.100.000.- Oferta válida hasta agotar stock, sólo 1 unidad black y 1 unidad silver disponibles. Se puede audicionar en showroom metro los Dominicos previa cita. Gold Note has revealed a new Class-A phono stage, and it boasts three independent inputs, multiple gain and load settings, and over forty EQ Curves. The Gold Note PH-1000 is being pitched as “the best phono stage” that the Firenze-based company has created so far. The Italian-made preamp features exclusive Class-A discrete components, along with a Class-A headphone output. Additionally, there are over forty EQ curve presets with a further quartet of owner-adjustable EQ curves including RIAA, Capitol, Columbia/CBS, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca London USA, Decca London UK and Decca Mono 78rpm. Each curve can be “enhanced” thanks to Gold Note's proprietary technology inspired by the Neumann Cutting Lathe, we are told. As well as being able to dial in the perfect EQ curve, cartridge matching is equally flexible as the PH-1000 sports seven Gain (65dB MC and 40dB MM with 7 options [-9dB, +9dB]) and a dozen Load levels (100KΩ - 10Ω). Also, there are six Capacitance options dedicated to MM cartridges. Handily, you can fine-tune your settings, including the EQ curve, on the fly via the Single Knob Control (SKC) and display. Gold Note states that, while the interface is digital, it is totally independent of the audio path, which is entirely analogue. The result is an ultra-low noise phono stage with high gain and no audio filters. All the functionalities are in fact managed through discrete audio-grade components and sealed single switches, ensuring that the signal path is as short as possible to deliver superior audio quality. The PH-1000 offers three independent inputs, two RCA and one XLR. There are also two other inputs, one RCA and one XLR, that can be used either for the external load plugs for even finer control of the Load or as line inputs on the PH-1000 with Preamp. Outputs come in RCA and XLR flavours plus a separate Stereo output for Tube (balanced GN) if you opt to add the company's TUBE-1012 or TUBE-1006 to the party. Add the other functionalities, such as the Headphone Output, the Stereo/Mono control with phase inversion, the L/R Channel Swap and the Rumble Subsonic Filter (10Hz/36dB oct) and here you have it, the most advanced phono stage on the market, boasts the manufacturer. Frequency response is quoted at 20Hz-20KHz (20Hz-50KHz - Enhanced), Total Harmonic Distortion is <0.01% MAX, and signal to noise ratio at -100dB. Dynamic range is listed as 110dB, and output impedance, 50Ω. Finally, if you want to get even more from the PH-1000, Gold Note points you in the direction of the PSU-1250/PSU-1000 external power supplies.
  2. NEWS VINYL Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage and Gold Note PH-1000 Preamplifier – The most advanced phono stage? 18. October 2020 CartridgeGold NoteHiFiHigh End 2019MCMC CartridgeMMMM CartridgePhono PreampPickupRecord playerStereoTAD Audiovertrieb GmbHTurntableVinyl To raise the reproduction of records to a new level of quality through innovation and craftsmanship, this is the goal of the Italian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Gold Note for the latest offspring of the Gold Note Series 1000, the new Gold Note PH-1000 phono preamp Phono Stage. If you want an integrated Class A preamplifier, look out for the Gold Note PH-1000 Preamplifier The fact that in Italy one has a very special feeling for enjoying life, for something special, is well known and far more than just a prejudice. This does not only apply to the everyday things in life like food and drink, but also to artistic aspects like music, design, fashion… are almost celebrated in Italy. It is therefore obvious that Italian hi-fi companies have always had a special approach to the development of their solutions, such as Gold Note, whose products stand out from the majority of the market in many ways. Gold Note always strives to offer excellence, combining technology and noble design with impeccable craftsmanship, whether in amplifier systems, CD players and D/A converters, streaming systems or even in the field of vinyl records. Not only do the Italians manufacture the finest record players, they also offer matching pickup systems and are dedicated to the development of the finest phono preamplifiers. First and foremost, of course, there is the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage of the Gold Note Series 10, which offers high-end HiFi in a particularly compact form. Based on the success of the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage, Gold Note is now expanding its range of phono preamps with a solution that belongs to the Gold Note Series 1000, namely the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage. The new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage is the most advanced phono preamplifier in the world. It is designed to take record music reproduction to a new level of quality and flexibility. These are the ambitious goals that Gold Note has set for the development of the Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage. However, this is entirely appropriate, since the Gold Note Series 1000 solutions are truly outstanding systems. A worthy phono preamplifier in this product line must have a lot to offer… And indeed, the Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage can do it. Let us start with the very “banal” key data. Of course, the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage also presents itself completely in the design language of the Gold Note Series 1000, so at first glance there is almost no difference to the Gold Note IS-1000 or Gold Note IS-1000 LINE or Gold Note P-1000 MkII. As there is a solution with a perfectly processed, solid aluminium housing, whose front is decorated with a display and a single rotary encoder. The front already has two milled grooves that serve as an attractive accent, while further milled grooves on the top and sides elegantly continue this design concept and serve – quite practically speaking – to dissipate heat. The new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage thus conveys an extremely noble appearance and appears – especially for a phono preamplifier – extremely modern. It should be clear that exactly the same concept has been adopted here as was used for the “small” Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage. The user can thus adjust all parameters of the phono preamplifier with the rotary encoder alone, the so-called SKC or Single Knob Control Technology, with all relevant information being shown on the colour TFT display. And the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage really has a lot to offer in terms of parameters that can be adjusted to achieve the best possible results. First of all, it should be mentioned that the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage provides no less than three independent inputs, so three pickup systems can be connected simultaneously, whereby MM and MC cartridges are of course equally supported. Two pairs of unbalanced RCA sockets and one pair of balanced XLR sockets are available for this purpose, although, for the sake of completeness, the XLR sockets are designed for MC cartridge systems only. In addition, there is a pair of RCA sockets as well as a pair of XLR sockets marked as Phono Load, which can be used either for external load plugs for even finer control of the load or as line inputs on the Gold Note PH-1000 with preamplifier. But the most striking feature of the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage is that it provides no less than 40 different equalisation curves for each of the three inputs. RIAA, Capitol, Columbia/CBS, Deutsche Grammophon, Decca London USA, Decca London UK and Decca Mono 78rpm, Epic, HMW, Mercury, RCA Victor, Philips, Elektra, L’Oliseau-Lyre, Parlophone, and many, many more can be selected as presets. In addition, each preset can also be used as a starting point for your own adjustments and these individual curves can in turn be saved as presets. When editing, the display is of course particularly helpful here, as the curves are directly displayed graphically. It goes without saying that the impedance and capacity as well as the amplification can also be sensitively adjusted to the respective pickup systems and last but not least to your own taste. For example, the impedance can be adjusted in twelve steps between 10 ohms and 100 kohms, the capacitance in six steps between 100 pF and 1,000 pF. The amplification is 65 dB for MC pickup systems and 40 dB for MM pickup systems, but can be finely adjusted in seven steps. Of course, a subsonic filter can be switched on, you can choose between mono and stereo, and the left and right channels can also be swapped. The output stage of the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage is completely discrete in Class A, in a dual-mono design, so that analogue signals can be reproduced pure and unaltered. The Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage is, of course, equipped with an integrated power supply unit ex works, but here, too, a modular concept is used, so that the user can upgrade at any time and thus further increase the quality of the solution. This means that an external power supply can be used at any time, be it the Gold Note PSU-1250 /1000 External Inductive Power Supply, or even the Gold Note TUBE-1012 Class A Tube Output Stage or Gold Note TUBE-1006 Class A Tube Output Stage. As if all this were not enough for truly outstanding equipment, the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage even has an integrated headphone amplifier, which is also constructed in Class A and is directly accessible via a 6.3 mm stereo jack on the front. This allows vinyl lovers to enjoy music at a late hour without having to access additional electronics. The new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage was already briefly discussed last year – reported – but in the end the development might have taken a little longer than originally planned. However, this solution is now much more flexible than originally announced and it is now to be officially announced these days. The phono preamplifier is, how could it be otherwise, offered in three versions. By anodising the aluminium housing, a particularly noble finish is achieved, namely gold, silver and black. The new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage measures 430 mm in width, 375 mm in depth and 135 mm in height. This means it weighs around 12 kg. Getting to the point Building on the success of the Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage, Gold Note is now expanding its range of phono preamplifiers with a solution that is part of the Gold Note Series 1000 with the new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage. The new Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage is the most advanced phono preamplifier in the world. It is designed to take record music reproduction to a new level of quality and flexibility. And if you want more, there ist still the Gold Note PH-1000 Preamplifier with integrated Class A Dual mono Preamp. Manufacturer: Gold Note Distribution: TAD Audiovertrieb GmbH Price: Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage € 9.600,- Gold Note PH-1000 Preamplifier € 13.500,-
  3. Estimados, Al Grano, quiero mejorar el sonido de mi torna PJ Debut Carbon + ortofon 2m red, Actualmente estoy usando el prephono Behringer pp400, (35 lukas), y creo que el sonido es algo opaco, agudos pobres. Con un prephono "Mas caro" podre mejorar el sonido?, especialmente el tema del brillo y agudos?. Pensaba en algo de unas 120 lukas aprox, como este: En resumen...tendré una mejora significa si paso del Behringer pp400 a un prephono de 120 lukas? (rega , pro-ject, algo asi) Gracias