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Heroes de cumpleaños


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Que tengas un gran día!!! B)

Vndo tclado barato, qu l falta una tcla 😏

Nakamichi Amplifier1, Cassettedeck2, ST-3s Tuner, Unison Research Unico CD, Technics SH-GE90 DSP, Technics SL-D33 Turntable, EMOTIVA Stealth DC-1 DAC, JBL model 4312 Control Monitor

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estimado amigo, que tengas un regado y bien comido cumpleaños...un abrazo :birthday2:birthday2

Mi sala por acá: http://www.blu-ray.c...mber=peliculero

Mis Blu-Ray por acà:

Mi canal de videos :


"el cine es un invento sin futuro".Louis Lumiére 1895.

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Feliz cumpleaños a mi amigo Ricardo, un abrazo, que tenga un gran dia!

For the Movies: Sony KDL-40HX755 - Sony BDP-S360 + AQ Pearl HDMI + Monster THX i100 - Pioneer DV-383 - Philips HMP5000 - AppleTV + AOC HDMI - Panasonic PV-8450

For the Music: Q Acoustics 2050i + QED Revelation - NAD C326BEE + AQ RCA Jumpers - NAD M5 + Tara Labs RSC Prime M2 - NAD C545BEE + NAD D1050 + AQ G-Snake - Apple iPod Classic 5Gen 80 Gb & Apple iPod Classic 7Gen 160 Gb + NAD IPD-2 + AQ G-Snake - Sony MDS-JB940QS + Monster Optical - NAD C426 + Cambridge Audio 500 Series RCA - Technics RS-BX606 + 2x Monster 200i - Technics SL-1200MK2 + Ortofon 2M Red + Pro-Ject Phono Box S + Ecosse The Best Boy.

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Muchas felicidades . . . [img][/img]

Stereo 1º: Power Vicent SP-331 MK híbrido, Pre Vicent SA-31 MK híbrido, Streamer DAC Cocktail Audio X45CD, Avance Acústic MCD-204 híbrido, Columnas Klipsch RF7-II, Xindak XF-1000 SE

Stéreo 2º: Amplificador Marantz PM-7003, CD Denon DCM-500AE, Columnas KEF Q900 

Multicanal 1º: Receiver Onkyo TX-RZ820, Reproductor 4K Pasnasonic DP UB420, BR Marantz BD-5004, BR Onkyo BD-SP309, Samsung Led 85 `4K FHD, Columnas Lagas P28 Reference - Central P26 - Surrounds P6D,  Surround High Polk XT90 Atmos, Subwoofer Klipsch 112, Subwoofer Paradigm PS-1000

Multicanal 2º: Receiver Onkyo TX-SR607, Samsung Led 75" FHD, Monitores Klipsch RB 81 II - Central Klipsch RP-504C - Surrounds Klipsch  KSB 1.1, Subwoofer Klipsch R-125W, Subwoofer Wharfedale Slim Bass 8

Multicanal 3º: Sound Bar Klipsch RSB-11, Subwoofer Klipsch 8", Samsung  Led 43" 4K FHD

Home Office: HP 27", Klipsch Reference 51-PM (activas), Ifi Zen Dac Blue, Subwoofwer Wharfedale WH-S8E

Oficina: Receiver stereo Onkyo TX-8050, Ifi Zen Dac Blue, Monitores Klipsch RP 160-M, Monitores Polk RTi A3, Monitores Eminence CN5, Subwoofer Wharfedale Powercube 12+

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