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Ya podemos escuchar los 2023 remaster, remixes y demos de 'Mirage' de Camel. Parte de su increíble box set 'Air Born' The MCA & Decca Years 1973-1984


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Nuevo disco de Steve Hackett 'The Circus and The Nightwhale'


The Circus And The Nightwhale Track Listing:

1. People Of The Smoke
2. These Passing Clouds
3. Taking You Down
4. Found And Lost
5. Enter The Ring
6. Get Me Out!
7. Ghost Moon and Living Love
8. Circo Inferno
9. Breakout
10. All At Sea
11. Into The Nightwhale
12. Wherever You Are
13. White Dove


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Ya está disponible el monumental box set 'Air Born 1973-1984' de Camel

Disfrutamos del youtube playlist del 2023 remaster de 'Rain Dances'



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