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Ayer creo salió el nuevo disco de Jethro Tull, después de casi 20 años del anterior, y entiendo que con Anderson bastante enfermo (no sé de qué). Ya está disponible en Tidal y Apple Music. Lo encontré muy bueno, sorprendentemente elaborado musicalmente, emho. Lo pondría quizás en 7mo lugar de la discografía de Tull, lo cual lo deja por delante de varios hitos del grupo. La voz y flauta de Anderson, tan bien como siempre. Un maestro. 

This guy may be too old to rock and Roll, but he is certainly too young to die!

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“Alex Anthony Faide plays my guitar parts better than I do”
- Robert Fripp (King Crimson)

Inspired by and developed from concepts found in songs such as King Crimson’s “Fracture” and “Lark’s Tongues in Aspic,” Faide takes the work beyond the stratosphere into the mirror dimension to find something completely his own.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guitarist/Composer Alex Anthony Faide has a decades-long international reputation for being the secret weapon in rock recordings, arrangements, and stage productions in Europe and Latin America.

Now based in Seattle, WA, Faide releases his long-awaited solo record – Particles of the Infinite – a display of guitar pyrotechnics in nine parts. Features special guest drummers Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson), Matt Chamberlain (David Bowie) and Alessandro Inolti (Echotest).
releases March 18, 2022

All tracks composed and performed by Alex Anthony Faide on electric guitar and bass.

Guest drummers:
Matt Chamberlain (Pt. I & VI)
Pat Mastelotto (Pt. II)
Alessandro Inolti (Pt.III, IV, V, VII & VIII)

Recorded at SoundVision Studios (Seattle)
Mixed by Jonathan Plum / London Bridge Studios (Seattle)
Mastered by Brian Lucey / Magic Garden Mastering (LA)
Packaging Design by Shaina Nacion

Deep gratitude to Steve Ball and Bill Van Buren for the tireless tangible and intangible support that made this project possible. Thank you for believing in me and The Work - this exists because of you.

Special thanks to Beth Fleenor, Trey Gunn, Donna Van Buren, Regina & Sofie Ball, Heather Bentley & Kurt Haag, Don Gunn, Guitar Craft, Seattle Guitar Circle, Buenos Aires Guitar Circle, The T.O.M. Team, Hiroshi Iketani, and Carlina Goniel.

These compositions were inspired by and developed from the work and teachings of my friend and mentor Robert Fripp. Thank you, Robert, for offering the tools and opening the portal to the Infinite.

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Tiger Moth Tales - A Song of Spring


Tiger Moth Tales: A Song Of Spring
1. Spring Fever
2. Forester
3. Dance 'Til Death
4. Holi
5. The Goddess And The Green Man
6. Mad March Hare
7. Rapa Nui
8. Light

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