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Gazpacho - Fireworking at St.Croix

Track Listing: 1. Space Cowboy / 2. Hourglass / 3. Fireworker / 4. Antique / 5. Sapien / 6. Substitute For Murder / 7. The Walk Part I / 8. The Walk Part II / 9. Winter Is Never

More information: A moody trip into the world of The Fireworker, captured on the 25th October 2020. No fixes, no polishes, no light show, no nothing. Just the pure rendition of the music along with a surprise or two.

Gazpacho’s “Fireworker” 2020 album tour was cancelled. Stuck with the predicament of having a well honed show rehearsed and the prospect of a long period off the road, the band had a decision to make. The idea of a live stream which would reach fans far and wide quickly presented itself and the band had a perfect setting in their very own rehearsal space in beautiful Fredrikstad.

In Thomas Andersen’s own words “Gazpacho has always been an ‘anti band’, in the sense that we strive to do things differently. For this reason we wanted an ‘honest’ live stream where we decided not to play the gig on an empty stage with a light show. Instead we decided to perform it exactly how we play when we record or rehearse in the actual room we use".

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En un día como hoy hace 50 años, un 2 de Abril de 1972 Emerson, Lake & Palmer se presentaron en el festival de Mar y Sol. Puerto Rico

Dando una de las mejores performances de su carrera capturadas para la posteridad

El álbum en vivo ha sido editado primero como parte de su box set 'From The Beginning' (2007) y posteriormente en separado



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ESP Project - Anarchic Curves


1. Luminous
2. Still Lives of John Lennon
3. Cogs
4. The Dead Dark of Lollipops
5. Invisible Ricochets
6. Shoreless
7. Moon Dust
8. Entangled Stories



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Celebrando los 50 años de este tremendo disco en vivo. Sin duda, uno de los mayores logros en la historia del rock en vivo de una banda con orquesta. Sencillamente impresionante

Procol Harum - In Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Lanzado en Abril de 1972



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Composer, musician and producer #KlausSchulze rolls out his extensive sounds, plays his legendary sequences and creates this unique ‘Schulze atmosphere‘ for more than 50 years now. With "Deus Arrakis" the electronic legend now presents his new studio album. The album will be released on June 10th, 2022 via #SPVRecordings and contains three brand new tracks with more than 77 minutes total playing time.

"Deus Arrakis" will be available as Deluxe Box-Set, Triple LP, CD, Stream and Download.

Tracklist "Deus Arrakis":
1 Osiris 18:26
2 Seth 31:45
3 Der Hauch des Lebens 27:06




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Les traigo una nueva banda. Oddleaf

Son de Francia y Austria. A ponerles oreja amigos!



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