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Esto es lo que tiene el rack

- Reel to Reel B77 MK2 HS
- Tape Deck B710
- Turntable B790
- Tuner B760
- CD Player B225
- Integrated amplifier B750 MK2
- Original Revox rack

*** SPEAKERS are NOT included, they are listed separately
Included BONUS Accessories (not necessarly the ones in the pictures, but similar quality)
- Plexiglas cover for Reel to Reel machine B77 MK2 HS
- 2 x NAB adapter deluxe (as in the picture)
- 1 full reel 27 cm + 1 empty reel 27 cm
- Remote control for Reel to Reel machine
- RCA cables complete set
Features ( incredible rich and powerful sound!)
B77 MK2 HS: 2 Tracks, 3 Heads (Revodur), 3 motors Direct Drive, 30Hz -22kHz, 18 Kg
B710: 3 Heads sendust, 4 motors Direct Drive, 2 capstan, Nor-CrO2 -Metal, Dolby B, 30Hz-20kHz, 10.5 Kg
B790: Direct Drive Turntable, Tangential tonearm, Fully automatic, Quartz-regulated DC motor, 11 Kg
B760: Digital FM Tuner, 15 memories, complex FM filters,  separately adjustable stereo and muting threshold, , 25Khz or 50Khz tuning steps and high-tech C-MOS processor, 12 Kg
B225: separated circuits stages: servo & power supplies / drive / audio boards, Philips TDA-1540 DAC, 8.5 Kg
B750 MK2: 2 x 85 watt (8 Ohm), SNR: 90 dB, Tone Control low/mid/high, 13 Kg
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Mmm... le falta la grilla a un parlante, no sé... ¿y con qué cápsula viene esa tornamesa? ¿tiene selector de velocidad para 78? :blush:

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