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Amplificador Integrado Fisher


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Hola estimados, hace unos dias me llego un conjunto que compré en USA, se trata de un Amplificador Fisher CA-880 con su pareja sintonizador FM-660. No tengo muchas referencias, por no decir ni una, solo me tente por su aspecto y el nivel de cuidado de los equipo (literalmente no tiene ninguna marca o raya), es más, por dentro no tienen ni polvo.

¿que opiniones tienen de estos equipos?


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Hola, como dice el forero el_mitico, el conjunto se ve bastante bien. Ahora de qué tan bien suena, vas a tener que evaluarlo tú mismo. Desgraciadamente hay un antes y un después en la marca cuándo ya no se hizo en USA, además de que su línea SS no estaba a la altura (ni de lejos) a la era dorada de los tubos.

Sin embargo, en los foros internacionales las opiniones son bastante positivas:

Fisher CA-880 Quality or Crap?

"As far as the CA-800/880 integrated amps, they're 100 watts RMS per channel at a THD of 0.09%. They're a solid amp and sound very good."

"Having owned a CA-880 at one time, I found it to be a pretty good bargain unit. Unlike some very-low-end IC output based amps, each channel has its own STK output, and they're mounted to good heatsinks. The rest of the unit belies its budget heritage: there is a good-sized power transformer, decent filtering, and the internal work is as good as most contemporary "name brand" integrated amps and receivers. As I recall, my only real quibble with it was the so-so sound reproduction- kind of a flat presentation with no real sense of air or drive. It was the kind of amp that showed up for work and did the bare minimum not to get fired"

I use a CA-880 in the bedroom and my only complaint is that the lights are too bright and keep me up at night. Other than that, I love the styling and multi-colored 80's theme. I have had absolutely no issues with mine, and I've been running it with a pair of 4 ohm speakers (not ideal). I see these on craigslist for time to time and if I didn't have one already, I would definitely pick one up considering how cheap they sometimes are.

"I would agree with M Jarve's comment above, with the additional opinion that this is a better-than-average, rather powerful receiver. I find that it matches very nicely with my Infinity Qe's (I have had 2 friends state that this was their favorite out of all my systems, although that may have to do with the generous amounts of bass the system puts out). In my somewhat limited experience with budget vintage SS receivers, I think the CA-880 should not be compared alongside some other, cheaper Fisher "Studio Standard" receivers I have come across. While not anywhere near high end, I know I could pass this onto any one of my friends and consider it an "upgrade" to what they use."

Espero te ayude.


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Reviewed Jul 30th, 2016 by eastendphotographer1984

Own both a Fisher CA-800 and CA-880. Both look same and sound good with average build quality. Believe the difference is that the CA-880 was sold as part of a rack stereo and the CA-800 a separate component. I have the other components that came with the CA880 including the tape deck and tuner.

Reviewed May 15th, 2016 by Go Vols

Well I must say this amp sounds fabulous. Through my studio monitors it sounds very rich across the spectrum. Very happy camper.

Reviewed Jan 23rd, 2016 by tomrybicki

Have one in brand new shape. Very solid amp. 100 wpc,low distortion,great sound. Get one if possible. Not too pricey,and is a huge sleeper!

Ignorance is bliss
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Gracias por la información, probando y probando me gusta mas el Sony TA-F6B que tengo, con un sonido mas cálido y natural. El Fisher tiene, para mi gusto, un sonido mas estridente, voy a seguir el consejo de Bavario, un cambio de condensadores, me imagino que Denis Jimenez es el hombre


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