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Foobar2000 spotify

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Estimados consulta desde mi ignorancia ...

es posible reproducir spotify con foobar2000  lo digo para mejorar aún más el sonido con Los plugs in que tiene  ?

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Aquí hay una alternativa, lo la he probado, pero según el articulo funciona



Searching in internet to find a plugin for playing my spotify list (premium account) on my beloved foorbar, I came across this webpage

The guy has taken an old spotify not working plugin and has made a new one that works very well! You start foobar2000 and go to File > Add Location (or press Ctrl-U). This will bring up the "Add Location" menu, then you take a spotify URI from the official client, like "spotify:track:5IRkM1WyCMDXPnabEeqz5i" or "spotify:user:communistpancake:playlist:2jYKvcXFolpUexOaOX3r7h" and this add the track(s) to your playlist!! the search track is working too!

You have to add manually each playlist from your spotify official client. If you add an new song  in the spotify official client you have to "reload" the playlist in the  "Add Location" menu of foobar. Actually the spotify playlist address is not changing , it remains the same.

I was just wondering if I can make it easier to do this procedure, via a script or something. Does anyone have any idea or inspiration of how to do this? 

Thank you in advance!


Cuenta como te va con el plugin

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  • 3 months later...

Según el link, la última versión es del año 2017.  Habría que verificar si funciona aún y con qué versiones de foobar.


  1. Download:
  2. If you like, check the signature of the files against the ones in the relevant git tag.
  3. Open Foobar2000, and navigate to File -> Preferences -> Components. Install... and select the downloaded zip.
  4. Restart foobar2000.
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