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[Clasificado HFC]Audio Nirvana 300B SET


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Audio Nirvana 300B SET

Audio Nirvana 300B Single Ended Triode Vacuum Tube Amplifier. Finally, someone has made a Single Ended Triode amplifier with deep, powerful, extended bass and highs that extend to the limits of human hearing. Together with the traditional smooth and detailed SET midrange, this is the best sounding amplifier we have heard in our 50 years in audio. 8 watts per channel, but with enormous reserves for transients. The Audio Nirvana 300B SET uses an enormously powerful toroidal power supply protected in a real potted case (not a dummy one, as many companies use). Transformers are massive and are hand wound in our own factory. The amplifier weighs over 52 lbs (24 kilos). Parts are chosen for the best possible sound quality–not because we want to impress you with ‘boutique’ names. Each amplifier is beautifully hand assembled and tested. To maintain the superb sound, there are no adjustments to be made–ever. Self biasing, no AC or DC balance to adjust. And made with the fewest parts possible and best sounding tubes.


Incluye tubos de repuestos y un par 300 B PSVANE

Se cuenta con embalaje original, estado impecable, 220 volt de fábrica

Se entrega probado en tienda




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