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Would you marry one with a pornstar?


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a ver los que se atreven a dar una opinion sin weearme mucho jaja

encontre este post googleando para los mal pensados, como todo es hipotetico, solo piensa y opina,

algunas respuestas que dieron los foristas,son ene y solo saque algunas , pero en fin, puro jugo!!! Would you marry one with a pornstar?


I've tried marriage already. Although we parted and remain on respectful terms, it didn't work out. I have lots of friends, men and women, some from the time of the marrigae and some from after.

I get my sex - a lot of it - from pornography and prostitutes, both freely available without guilt or hassle here in Europe.

One or two of the hookers have become close friends too: girls to whom one can talk about absolutely anything.

So... marriage??? Why??

Ahh, on the other hand, were you offering me Sasha Grey? I'd marry Sasha...


I liked the answer of ghasl1 and I agree with him it is easy to shot an answer but it is not that simple is it, and talking about myself I would say.. short answer without thinking it over.. yes.. longer answer after thinking it over.. maybeeee.. or actually.. probably not.

On the other hand it would be hard to resist (softcore) Erica Campbell icon_wink.gif


RuckFules wrote:Yes and No,

Yes I would, but as long as she'd just do G/G, I'd want to be the only dick she got, it wouldn't bother me if she continued to do girls.. don't really consider that "cheating"

No I wouldn't because they're pornstars for a reason, they like the idea of fucking for money and i think it's pretty obvious pornstars can't just have 1 cock in their lives.

I semi agree with Ruck here about G/G only but I'd rather have her not do it any more at all. I'd have a hard time waking up every morning and having her say to me, "Bye, honey I'm off to work where I am going to get fucked and a facial from Peter North and then a DP from Keiran and (someone else). Love ya - I'll be home about 6 o'clock and we can have dinner then. Bye."

I couldn't handle that but at least I admit it. If she used to do Porn but not any more I am OK with that since what she did before we met is her biz - I just want her to tell me not let me find out on my own

If she reallllly wanted to keep doing porn and get fucked by guys I'd do what Tera Patrick does - get fucked by her guy only. As much as I might not want to do it I'd be willing to fuck my wife on camera and get paid for it so she didn't fuck any other guy



so all of you would marry a woman just because

a) she looks good

B) she fucks good

I guess things like character, intellect and other abilities never cross your minds.

Unless the question was posed with a different scope, such as: considering that you fell in love with a pornstar (assuming all criteria such as the right match for your life that is smart, funny and capable is fulfilled) would you marry her despite her profession.

In that case it's a totally different ballgame. Sex is culturally (in all cultures I can think of) considered as something intimate and something that should be private business and a way to show your love to one another. It would be exceptionally hard to be in love with a woman that has sex for a living with others. The whole intimacy, exclucivity and possessivenes insticts come into play and make it extremely difficult to accept that it's "just a job". It's also quite funny since men are supposed to be the ones who do not attach emotions to sex, therefore one would expect that they should care least whether their partner has sex with others. I mean they would be the sex that would treat it in a more logical way, considering that women are the sex that attaches emotion to sex and therefore would (theoritically) find it harder to share her husband with other females.

It is very difficult to separate love from sex and treat them as separate things. On a personal note I think I would find it impossible to marry a woman that keeps having sex for money during our marriage as I find it impossible to differentiate between love and sex in such a way to accept that.



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