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Highway hi-fi phonograph, Chrysler 1956

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En el año de 1956 Chrysler presento el tocadiscos para su modelo 300




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En la decada de los 60 Lear jet patentò el track 8, equipo de norma inicialmente en los coches ford de la època, luego las otras corporaciones lo implementaron en sus coches


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:blink: se pasó!
Uno de los comentarios del puedo ver videos en la of por lo ue no lo busqué...

[quote]Jay Leno has one in a Dodge Wagon. Took him a while to dig up some old 16 2/3 records to play on it though. You can find video of it on his jaylenosgarage site.[/quote]

Otro interesante:
[quote]My friend had a 1958 DeSoto that had a record player in it. Worked like a charm since the suspension was so amazing - the car was like a tank and floated on the highway. It had a dash record player that the needle floated sideways across. You could play any record and it sounded great. I have a lot of memories of that cool contraption.[/quote]
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