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Bienvenidos tus aportes a la biblioteca virtual de Hi-Fi Chile

Muy buenos artículos

acceso a muy buenos libros de electrónica


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La revista está buenisima. Los avisos de 1995 geniales. Lo mejor de todo Un equipo entry por US$190 y el de tus sueños por US$ 1600

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The Ten Biggest Lies in Audio

Las 10 más grandes mentiras en Audio

Peter Aczel, Editor AudioCritic

La biblia :tarjetaroja:

The Golden Ears want you to believe

that their hearing is so keen, so exquisite,

that they can hear tiny nuances

of reproduced sound too elusive

for the rest of us.

The most ludicrous manifestation of

the antidigital fallacy is the preference

for the obsolete LP over the CD. Not

the analog master tape over the digital

master tape, which remains a semirespectable

controversy, but the clicks,

crackles and pops of the vinyl over the

digital data pits’ background silence,

which is a perverse rejection of reality.

The standard tweako objections to

ABX tests are too much pressure (as in

“let’s see how well you really hear”),

too little time (as in “get on with it, we

need to do 16 trials”), too many devices

inserted in the signal path (viz.,

relays, switches, attenuators, etc.), and

of course assorted psychobabble on the

subject of aural perception.

The biggest and stupidest lie of

them all on the subject of “clean” power

is that you need a specially designed

high-priced line cord to obtain the best

possible sound. Any line cord rated to

handle domestic ac voltages and currents

will perform like any other. Ultrahigh-

end line cords are a fraud. Your

audio circuits don’t know, and don’t

care, what’s on the ac side of the power


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