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Felicidades salpas

Del Mortes

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Feliz cumple Salpas...pasalo a tomorri

Enviado desde mi SM-J730GM mediante Tapatalk

Esta es mi coleccion de SACD/BR-A

Este es mi sistema actual

Denon AVR 4310CI, Roksan Power K3, Denon DVD3930CI (SACD/DVD-A player) ,Denon DVD2500BTCI (Bluray player), Pioneer DVL-909 (Laserdisc player), Panasonic PV-V4522 (VHS HiFi player), Monitor Audio Silver 300 (Frontales), Monitor Audio C-150 (Central), Monitor Audio Silver 50 (surround) Paradigm PDR-8 Subwoofer, Cables parlantes Audioquest Type 4, Audioquest Forest (HDMI y Denon Link), RCA Audioquest Evergreen y Monster.

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Vndo tclado barato, qu l falta una tcla 😏

Nakamichi Amplifier1, Cassettedeck2, ST-3s Tuner, Unison Research Unico CD, Technics SH-GE90 DSP, Technics SL-D33 Turntable, EMOTIVA Stealth DC-1 DAC, JBL model 4312 Control Monitor

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